Shoreditch : a museum of street art


      There is something absolutely amazing about Shoreditch. While walking, you’ll suddenly find a wonderful piece of art on a wall. It is like an open-door museum where artists are free to express themselves within the streets. You can’t help but stop and look at these huge and colorful sections of wall that tell stories.


          There are no boundaries in Shoreditch as windows and doors become another way to create. You can explore different types of street art: from serious subjects to portraits, landscapes and probably more personal paintings related to a part of the artist’s life (tributes to dead friends for example).


         Shoreditch is an art revolution. While some consider street art to be vulgar, the works in Shoreditch show how meaningful this medium can be. It dismantles prejudices and stereotypes, raising this type of art to the precious and well-considered art of painting. A “freer” version of painting because these pieces are not prisoners of museums. Everybody can take time to appreciate them, to laugh at caricatures or simply to get involved in their stories. From Spitalfields to Brick Lane, there are so many street art pieces that you may be surprised to see in even isolated streets. They are everywhere – sometimes hidden like if it were a secret invitation to explore this unique journey to art.