[Raise Your Voice] Miles released a new Surviveika song and I feel like it’s Eden

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           Yesterday, Miles Peckover released a new song “Eden” from his musical graphic novel piece named Surviveika. The waiting was worth it as this new song is simply spectacular – both musically and visually. While listening to Miles’s iconic voice, vintage footage appears as if you dived into some Allen Ginsberg’s fantasies. Miles has proven that Surviveika is definitely a hybrid piece that mixes many subjects and types of art. I was truly surprised to imagine the characters in every situation he describes even if I could not see them in the clip – that’s why linking both a graphic novel and a song is an interesting idea.

         While the music is diverse, the lyrics are powerful and tell you a story about two young people who try to survive and to find their own Eden.


Well it must have been the dopamine,

The thrill to be alive

But I didn’t feel

The need to say

I knew that we’d survive


         The thrill to be alive, the lust for life – these subjects are particularly striking throughout the clip. You can easily imagine two young adults who discover a whole new world, deciding to take the car and to drive far away from what they fear. Miles describes all the steps that we have to cross to become adults – but above all, the characters still seem childlike, enjoying every moment on the rooftop, counting the stars in the sky.

Then night arrived in an evening dress,

With stars around her neck

         However, these two young adults have to face the world and its wars. A genuine high-speed chase is taking place – and the characters have to drive in order to survive. They have to run : “All I know is run, we should.” And escaping is never easy – except if you decide to build everything up again.

We’ve gotta put this war behind us.

And fix another Eden in our sights.

         This clip shows that Miles’s world is full of poetry – and his sense of rhythm and imagery make Surviveika stronger. All I can tell you is that this song is pure Eden – and appears still as a mysterious quest for freedom that you should follow as well.

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