The story behind « La Femme-Plume »


            My name is Manon. I’m a young French woman from the South of France and a future journalist in the U.K. I have recently graduated with a MA in Comparative Literature in France. Studying this particular field was a great opportunity to develop my knowledge about both literature and other cultures. It explains why I’m passionate about arts and I enjoy travelling all around the world – particularly in England! Indeed, as a French person fluent in English, I’m very open to discover the links between stories, arts, language and other cultures. While I am an aspiring journalist, I would like to be a novelist. Indeed, I perceive both journalism and writing as a fascinating human project that help you to communicate with many people in the world. I’m a positive, enthusiast, funny and open-minded person hoping to find her own path into arts and journalism!

                    What will you write about on « La Femme-Plume »? 

            « La Femme-Plume » could be considered a portfolio of different articles about many subjects. However, it is mainly about culture, arts, photography and trips as these are my hobbies. As its name shows, « La Femme-Plume » relates to « writing ». Consequently, I want to challenge my writing style in English and to improve my skills by analyzing different subjects and exploring other media such as photography (one of my favourite hobbies as well). I can occasionally post some articles in French if you want to discover how I write in my mother tongue 🙂